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Maximize Your Full Potential

Martial Arts and Fitness for All Ages!


Maximize Your Full Potential

Martial Arts and Fitness for All Ages!


We Teach lifelong Skills of Personal Success, Confidence, Discipline and Self-Defense

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3-6 Year Old martial arts

A fun activity for young children in a safe and supportive, environment.

Kids Martial

Arts Program

Using martial arts to develop personal character, confidence,and discipline.

Adult Classes
& Programs

Classes for adults focus on building core strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Kids and families learn DISCIPLINE and build


Our Family Martial Arts program gives benefits to children which reach far beyond the dojo into the real-world arena. 

Our classes are structured to develop fitness, coordination, mental fortitude, and valuable social skills. We bring out the best in your children to help them succeed in life.

The family program is designed specifically so parents can train side-by-side with their children. Together they all can enjoy their journey to Black Belt and beyond in a unique system of Kenpo Ju Jitsu, the healing arts of the Dan Zan Ryi Jitsu system; and with the master key elements of Kali-Silat and Mui-Thai Kickboxing.



Both adults and mature teens will find that studying martial arts is an activity that any age or fitness level can do. The classes are both fun and  empowering. Whether you want to defend yourself, gain confidence, lose weight, or just have fun, our adult martial arts program has something to offer.


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